A Beautiful Story bracelet 'Jacky' leaf - tiger eye gold

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This bracelet is a thin hand crochet brass beads bracelet with a small gold plated brass leaf charm and a pendant of a tiger eye gemstone. The length of the bracelet is 16 centimeters. The inside material is made of polyester.

Tiger’s Eye reassures you. Does wondering and worrying keep you up at night? Tiger’s eye whispers that you can just follow your instincts.

Nature has the most beautiful symbols to offer. Leaves for instance represent renewal, hope and wisdom. That’s because a leaf grows, develops and then lets go again. Over and over again. Wear this symbol as a reminder of the wisdom you have in you. And the possibility to see every challenge as a new adventure.

Gemstones are created by nature. Every gemstone is unique. That’s why the color of your piece of jewelry may look slightly different from the picture.

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