Urban Nature Culture Stool 'Smoked' - Black

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“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Leonardo Da Vinci | Throughout our collections, we strive to make you see the extraordinary in the ordinary. By using special materials, choosing the handmade, or adding something unique to an original design. Urban Nature Culture’s mango wooden Stool is one of those objects that perfectly reflects that. Handmade in India, using the incredibly versatile hardwood from one of the fastest growing trees, this stool may have a basic design and function, but it’s the differences in its creation and finishing touch that make it stand out. We’ve given it a black, smoked wood finish, a great match to urban interiors. Use it as a little side table, nightstand or display your plants on it. It’ll blend in and stand out, all at once.

Ø 33 x 45 CM.

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