Bungalow Pokebowl Jazz Amber stonewear

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Stoneware is a very strong and durable material.
The Bungalow range of stoneware items are manufactured with glaze applied by hand to obtain the special look that you fell for.
Varieties in colour such as small spots and unevenness may occur. These charming imperfections are not
considered defects. The types of glazes are “crackle” glaze and “reactive” glaze. For both types, the crackle
effect is part of the product and therefore intended. The different colour effects in the glaze occur by
mixing pure mineral oxides at high temperature.
The look and intensity of colour will vary from item to item.
Therefore, please note that all items are unique and might vary from the colours showed in the catalogue. The crackle look will increase with usage. All items can be machine dish washed.
Microwave use is not recommended.

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