Ume - Collection Ostara Incense (50 sticks)

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Ostara embodies life force energy of pure Magnolia Bark & Sandalwood. Connect with the elegant qualities of these beautiful fragrant barks and woods. The natural scent connects you to the full energetic life force, that opens it heart with which to create.

  • unravel

  • quiet

  • bloom

Our Japanese style incense sticks are inspired by the ancient art of incense making and blended with refined plant material to give an elegant cloud and profound scent

  • We use only precious barks, herbs, seeds & resins in our incense sticks

  • 100% aromatic plants, vegan, ethically sourced

  • Free from synthetic ingredients, fillers, bamboo core, charcoal or even essential oils

  • Made on Earth by Humans

Each stick burns for around 33 minutes

There are 50 sticks in every pack

To use: Light the very tip of stick only, wait for a few seconds before wafting out the flame. Place delicately in a holder and leave to gently smoulder, filling your space with pure plant essence

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