'Neolea' Extra Vierge Olijfolie - 500ml

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Neolea Olive Oil is 100% pure and always fresh. It is extracted from Koroneiki olives, which are hand-picked by our farmers in the south of Greece. Innovative extraction technology allows for an oxygen free process that optimally extracts all flavor and nutrients in under 15 minutes making Neolea olive taste fresh all year round.

Tasting notes: Rich aromatic profile with notes of olive leaves, green herbs, freshly cut grass and artichoke. It gives you a great balance of fruitiness, bitterness and pungency, which resemble the 3 most important factors for a high quality olive oil.

Neolea comes in a 500 ML glass bottle that has been coated white, to protect the extra virgin olive oil from damaging (UV) light. 

Current harvest: December 2020 

Enjoy with

  • Tabbouli and arugula salads
  • Greens, dressings and marinades
  • Fish and grilled meat
  • Baked goods and drizzled on ice cream, yoghurt or chocolate

Gold Award Winner of the NYIOOC 2021

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